CaptureAmericas Watchdog is one of the best known private consumer advocacy groups in the United States. The False Labeling Center is an evolution Americas Watchdog’s focus on consumer protection. Americas Watchdog created the False Labeling Complaint Center because there is no such service that they were aware of in the United States. Americas Watchdog’s False Labeling Complaint Center has been created because the group sees a vital need for this service, and because the group believes very few victims of false labeling, or false advertising ever get their money back. Americas Watchdog is one of the best known consumer advocates in the nation in the areas of drugs, medical devices, financial services, banking, mortgage lending, construction defects, pharmaceutical products, and insurance.

Americas Watchdog was created over a decade ago with the promise of consumer advocacy, and corporate responsibility. Americas Watchdog, or the group’s consumer initiatives have been featured on CNN, NPR, or have seen in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Newsweek Magazine, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Money Magazine, CBS MarketWatch, the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Telegraph of London, and numerous other weekly, or daily publications.