CableTelevision_2[1]Many to most US families have a cell phone, cable TV, and or Internet.   Almost all of us have heard advertisements involving extra special cell phone plans, cable TV plans, or bundled cable packages. Many of us have also been victims of cell phone service providers, or cable TV service providers not being 100% honest in the advertising, or their promotional material.

What Types of Cable TV, or Cell Phone Products or Services Qualify?

  • Any cell phone service plan that advertised a much lower rate that was impossible for an average user achieve. (hidden costs not mentioned in the advertising)
  • Any unlimited cell phone service plan that failed to mention hidden cost features.
  • 14289966_s[1]Any cable TV special plan that failed to mention the difference between introductory pricing versus real pricing. The problem with cable TV companies throughout the US is they are virtual monopolies in the counties they provide services, and their contracts are binding.
  • Any bundled cable TV, and Internet plan that supposedly was going to be at one cost, until the consumer received their first bill.

Important note: When it comes to cable TV, bundled cable services, or cell phone plans the consumer must possess the original sales, or marketing literature that promised a lower price.

We want to hear from all victims provided we are talking about national brand, the product was clearly advertised in a false, or misleading way, and most importantly the consumer possesses promotional material for the product, the actual advertisement, or a label that is clearly false, or extremely misleading.