article-new_ehow_images_a06_vi_dc_devices-recycling-shower-water-1.1-800x800[1]False labeling, or false advertising of energy conservation products is a growing national problem. In many cases consumers are told a certain type of light bulb, or a energy, and or water conservation device would save them money, and the consumer received no benefit at all. Unfortunately, we are limited to only helping victims of false advertising involving a national brand product supplier, or manufacturer as opposed to a local contractor.

What Types of Energy Conservation Products Qualify:

  • Long life light bulbs, or florescent tubes that offered a long life, or energy savings, and delivered neither.
  • Water conservation devices that ended up not conserving any water.
  • Solar panels that failed to provide the economic consumer benefit that was advertised.

Important Note: On our Energy False Advertising Initiative it is vital the consumer kept the promotional material, or sales literature that offered a benefit that did not exist, or ended up offering only an exaggerated benefit.Solar cell house icon on green leaf - Alternative energy


We want to hear from all victims provided we are talking about national brand, the product was clearly advertised in a false, or misleading way, and most importantly the consumer possesses promotional material for the product, the actual advertisement, or a label that is clearly false, or extremely misleading.