roofing708588[1]  Home Improvement product false advertising, or false labeling is a ever growing problem. One of the biggest problems is the home improvement product is branded with a well known US name, but the product was made in china, or the product was poorly made.

What Types of Home Improvement Products Qualify

  • siding_samples[1]Decking, or siding material that came with a lifetime guarantee-and the company failed to stand behind the product when a problem developed.
  • National brand roofing materials that curled, or failed within a few years, as opposed to advertised life.
  • Wood Flooring products that were sold in major home improvement chain stores that appear to be made by a US manufacturer-but in fact the wood floor was made in China, or the wood flooring product was so poorly made it failed not long after it was installed.
  • Any type of plumbing part, or plumbing system that offered a specific lifetime, or warranty period, and prematurely failed.
  • Any type of national brand name interior, or exterior paint, of primer product that offered a specific lifetime, and failed prematurely.


We want to hear from all victims provided we are talking about national brand, the product was clearly advertised in a false, or misleading way, and most importantly the consumer possesses promotional material for the product, the actual advertisement, or a label that is clearly false, or extremely misleading.